We Do IP Valuation

Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and Know How are your most valuable assets, We help to validate your IPRs

Intellectual Property is the new asset class. Yet overlooked by many. In a McKinsey study it was found that companies can earn up to 10 percent of their operating income from the sale of patents and proprietary processes. A company may want to capitalize on the potential benefits of its IP assets and extract their full value is by valuating its IP. As professional IP consultants we conducted several valuations.

In some cases we seek access to resources in conducting an IP audit where the expertise requires specialize knowledge. Our services entail identifying, monitoring, valuing a company’s IP assets so as to make sure that the company is making the most out of their IP assets. By doing so, a company is able to make informed decisions when it comes to:

  • Acquiring IP assets – knowledge of a company’s intellectual property and of its value will assist in deciding which type of IP rights to acquire and maintain, and how best to manage the IP assets of a company
  • Mergers and acquisitions –  good knowledge of what IP assets a company owns can lead to a significant increase in the corporate value. Investors value a company on the basis of their expectations of future profits, e.g. in the case of biotech, is based on the potentials of their IP rights.
  • Licensing – a company can increase its cash flow (revenue) by licensing out its IP rights. An IP audit will assist in determining the value of a company’s own IP for maximum benefit from license agreements.  Licensing revenue not only increases the market value of a company, it also provides alternative financing for R&D efforts.
  • Collateral – a well-structured IP portfolio may be used as collateral in financial transactions. IP assets will  determine credit worthiness of a company
  • Enforcement – knowing the value of  IP assets will assist a company in strategic decisions on enforcement (infringement actions against competitors etc).
  • Cost reduction –  a well managed IP audit and IP inventory management will help identify obsolete IP assets (thus enabling to cut-down asset maintenance costs for such intellectual property) and avoid infringing third party IPRs, which in turn will lead to a reduction in costs.

Our Experienced IPEG team members with a solid expertise in Valuation: