We Do IP Due Diligence

Together with our sistercompany IPHire we formed an international IP Due Diligence team of 15-20 experienced technical and legal staff as well as  patent and trademark attorneys and IP lawyers from Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, UK, Germany, France and Scandinavia to assist law firms, advisors in complex M&A and other corporate transactions on intellectual property assets due diligence.

As equity and corporate sources of capital contemplate potential investments, the due diligence process has assumed greater significance with a strong emphasis on evaluating intellectual property assets of the target company.

A properly conducted intellectual property due diligence process should provide an investor or merger partner with detailed information about the IP assets of a target that may affect pricing or other key elements of the proposed transaction. The IP DD team consist of skilled younger attorneys who would be acquiring information from data rooms, to highly experienced lawyers advising on the IP assets, whether it’s essential for the business.

For more information on the IP Due Diligence Team, please contact:

Severin de Wit