We do IP Brokerage

Acquisition of IP, especially patents, is hot. A consortium acquired former Nortel patents, Google acquired Motorola IP, InterDigital is seeking buyers for its portfolio, HP is selling parts of its vast patent portfolio and Kodak is moving. We assist companies seeking strategic advantages by acquiring third party IP or companies that seek to sell their portfolio. We served several high tech companies in Asia and Europe to allocate, analyze and subsequently acquire patents that strengthened their existing portfolio or created a new field of technology patents that enabled them to compete on the world markets more effectively.

We partner with other renowned IP brokerage firms to identify relevant IP where this strategy is of  benefit.

We also assist companies and R&D institutes in finding proper markets for their IP.  Most of our consultants have extensive experience in advising companies to build an effective and strategic IP acquisition strategy. Technical expertise on mobile technology, semiconductor, pharma and biotech is provided through our most senior engineers.

Major owners of LTE Patents

Source: ETSI IPR Online Database

We work together with a team of engineers from Eastern Europe with extensive knowledge and experience in electrical engineering to identify, patens, provide claim charts and provide EOU (Evidence of  Use).

Our Experienced IPEG team members with a solid expertise in Brokerage:

Severin De Wit