Prof. Lisbeth Illum

Prof. Lisbeth Illum was awarded her M. Pharm, PhD and D.Sc. from the Royal Danish School of Pharmacy in 1972, 1978 and 1988. She is the founder and for 12 years the Managing Director of DanBioSyst UK Ltd. (now Archimedes Ltd), a company that specialized in development of Drug Delivery Systems. She was the Managing Director of Phaeton Research Ltd. and is Director of IDentity. She is Professor at Nottingham
University, Institute of Pharmaceutical Science, UK. Her research expertise covers the areas of novel drug delivery systems for difficult drugs. She published more than 300 scientific papers (among the top 100 most cited scientists on pharmacology) and has co-edited four books including “Peptide Drug Delivery Systems”. She has filed nearly fifty patens on novel drug delivery systems. She has been the recipient of several scientific awards, latest the Eurand Career Achievement Award 2007. She is on the Editorial Boards of seven scientific journals.