Pieter Christiaan van Prooijen

Pieter Christiaan provides economic and statistical analysis to clients involved in litigation, (international) arbitration, mediation and in other contexts where parties are engaged in complex business disputes like economic damages in intellectual property.

His areas of expertise are complex damages analysis (including loss profit analysis) and valuation (including intellectual property valuation using methods like Monte Carlo analysis and Real Options valuations).

Over the past few years Pieter Christiaan had executed multiple assignments which involved valuing intellectual property for litigation purposes, optimizing R&D portfolio’s and capital budgets, optimizing Market Access strategies and  cross border M&A transactions involving intellectual property.

In addition to his university studies in business administration, Pieter Christiaan completed post-graduate studies in Forensic Accounting at NIVRA / Leiden University and Nyenrode as well as Business Valuation at RSM Erasmus University. Pieter Christiaan is a Registered Valuator at the Netherlands Institute for Register Valuators,  a Certified Patent Valuation Analyst (CPVA) and is registered as financial expert (finance and valuation) at the National Register of Court Experts (LRGD).

He regularly teaches for various academic education institutions on the subject of valuation of intellectual property and emerging technologies and he has also served in court as an expert witness in valuation on various occasions.