Marcus Malek

Marcus is experienced in and working with commercialization, investment, management and valuation of intellectual property (IP), intangibles and technology. Marcus is currently involved in and responsible for all aspects of monetizing a 600+ patent portfolio and has since 2009 been involved in commercialization of multiple large patent portfolios.

His expertise lies within IP monetization, strategy and valuation as well as market and business model analysis. Exemplary operational tasks have been to manage tech/legal/finance projects across 5 countries and leading reverse engineering and product testing initiatives. Exemplary specific tasks have been infringement analyses, claim chart development, financial modeling, market sizing, license valuation, business case analyses and development of sales/licensing prospectuses.

Technically Marcus has covered the spectrum of consumer electronics but especially: video/tv, IPTV, OTT/streaming, mobile services, location based services, application processors and handheld devices.

Marcus is also the founder of technology and IP consultancy Immendo Ltd. and holds double M.Sc. degrees as well as being fluent in Swedish, English, German and Polish. He is a certified patent valuation analyst (CPVA), an occasional lecturer within IP valuation and business models at the world renowned ICM education at Chalmers University in Sweden, as well as having served in court as an expert witness in IP valuation.