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We deal with Intellectual Property

We are an Intellectual Property consulting firm of highly experienced intellectual property professionals. Most of our consultants’ reputations stem from yearlong practices in areas that matter in dealing with patents and intellectual property rights. They gained their legal skills, engineering talent, and understanding of our clients’ business by serving companies and organizations that focused their talents around innovative technologies and IP.

IP strategy consultants

We are a collaoborative, virtually organized, Intellectual Property Consulting firm consisting of 24 consultants. All our consultants have a long career in IP and technology, ranging from mobile technology (with special expertise on LTE), audio and video (with emphasis on MPEG), security software solutions, biotech, pharma, publishing and copyrights and trademarks.

We provide purpose built teams of technical subject matter experts in electronics, wireless telecom, pharma & biotech, media, audio & video, digital imaging, microelectronics, IP financial experts, and IP management consultants. We built dedicated teams around purpose oriented projects.

Experienced IP partners

We prides ourselves in providing experienced IP partners for you to make the best out of your intangible assets
Some of our consultants deliver technical subject matter expertise, others combine legal skills with yearlong expertise as European patent attorney and IP management to provide top class IP consultancy services.

We deliver our services under the IPEG brand although we traditionally work as a collaborative organization. Our excellence does not solely come from within. We closely work with partner firms, ranging from patent attorneys, patent searchers, IP accountants & tax lawyers, IP law firms and valuation experts and suppliers of patent mining software. Partner firms in wireless telecom consultancy also assist us in providing expertise to evaluate “essential” patents.

IPEG Consultancy
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IPEG and IPEG consultancy are trade names of Reigersbergen B.V.

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