Dr. Hans Pennings

Dr. Johannes (Hans) F.M. Pennings received his MSc degree in Chemical Engineering from the Technical University of Eindhoven in 1975. His PhD in Technical Sciences was obtained from the Technical Universities of Twente and Eindhoven in 1982, based on research on polymer adsorption and adhesion at Philips Research Laboratories.

He joined Philips’ Intellectual Property Group in 1983 and registered as a Dutch and European Patent Attorney. His work mainly focused on materials related subjects (glass, polymers, magnets), with successful licensing experience with regard to batteries.

He became a member of the management team of Philips’ Intellectual Property Group in 1992, with primary responsibility for cross licenses, IP issues related to M&A activities (mostly divestments), IP issues related to joint ventures, licensing when not in relation to industry standards, and licensing-in activities, all of these covering all technical areas of Philips. Business contacts were developed mainly in Japan, Korea and Taiwan, with contacts in the US mainly revolving around litigations.

From 2006 to 2008 he worked at NXP Semiconductors to set up and lead a new Intellectual Property and Licensing Group after NXP’s separation from Philips.