Dr. Peter de Weerd

Peter de Weerd received his BSc in Chemical Engineering from the Polytechnic Faculty of Eindhoven and his MSc from the Radboud University Nijmegen in Chemistry (Biochemistry) in 1992.
He joined Akzo Nobel Pharma’s Intellectual Property (IP) Group in 1992 and registered as a Dutch and European Patent attorney and European Trademark Attorney. His work mainly focused on immunology, diagnostics (incl. instrumentation) and biopharmaceuticals. Besides working in the Netherlands, he also worked in the USA (Rockville, MA) and Scotland (Newhouse).
In 2002 he joined Novartis (Basel, Switzerland) and soon became Global Head of the Pharma Intellectual Property department with 120 people staff located in 7 different parts of the world. He was responsible for innovative patent strategies, ‘best-in-class’ patent portfolio building of all aspects of the drug development pipeline, effective patent litigation, creating and ensuring IP awareness at all areas of innovation within Novartis and setting up a global patent organization having strong alliances with the R & D and M & S organizations. Most recently, Peter led the Pharma Trademarks department and the IP Optimisation team focusing on Patents, Trademarks, Counterfeits and Regulatory exclusivities in developed and emerging countries (BRICK=Brazil, Russia, India, China and Korea). Peter registered as a Swiss Patent attorney.
Peter has served on the Novartis Innovation Management Board, Deal Review Committee, Pharma Executive Committee and IP Litigation Committee. He has been lecturing on IP strategies and IP management at many conferences in Europe and the U.S.